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Operation SuperCoach - it's Not That Big Of A Decision

“What should I do?”.

I am touched by his trust. My clients ask me that. It takes vulnerability to lay out all the options to someone, and ask them which one you should pick. It’s the biggest compliment someone can give you.

He is torn. Option A or option B? Both have pros and cons. Both are attractive. Both are terrifying. Both have consequences.

“You know I am not going to tell you that”, I said.

“It’s a big decision”, he nods.

“Actually, it’s not that big of a decision. You’ll figure it out either way. It’s just six months”.

I forget that myself. Most of our decisions are not as important as they seem from the midst of that decision making process.

We thrash around, considering options A, B, C, D and everything in between. Yet, that angst implies that ONE decision is the right one, and that’s almost never the case.

IF that was the case, perhaps, the angst would have been warranted. After all, if you do not make the RIGHT decision, then by definition, you are going to make the WRONG one.


Life is not a multiple choice question, where only one answer is correct. [And, if you have created a multiple choice exam, you know better than anyone, that even the responses to multiple choice questions come in the shades of grey].

The only irreversible decision is jumping off the bridge. The rest you can make and correct course later.

Hugs, SOLO


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