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Operation SuperCoach - Just Answer The Question, And What Salad Dressing Gotta To Do With It

Recently, a fellow coach posted a picture of store-bought salad dressing in a professional FB group. He wanted to know how it compares to other store-bought salad dressings.

Here are some replies he got:

“Ugh, those are so bad for you!” “I don’t use dressing at all – just use a bit of lemon juice!” “Have you tried making your own dressing? It’s super easy – here’s a recipe!”

This is akin to someone asking for the best bakery in town, and you giving them a lecture on how they should really try baking their own bread.

That’s not what they asked.

I see this again and again – in our never-ending quest to help, we miss the point entirely.

“What is your favorite kettlebell exercise?” “Um, kettlebell? Barbell is much better! Here is the program you should follow!”

“Does anyone have personal experience with taking anti-depressants?” “Have you tried meditation?”

When we miss the point of the initial question, all it does is makes the person asking the question feel UNHEARD.

If you feel there is more to the question, then, start by exploring WHY they are asking the question they are asking first.

For all you know, the person asking about the store-bought salad dressing is in a competition to find the best store-bought salad dressing.

And if you feel strongly about NOT using store-bought salad dressing, then… perhaps, you are not the person to answer the question. Sit this one out.

Hugs, SOLO

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