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Operation SuperCoach - What's The Point Of Doing Something If Everything Has Been Done Before?

An aspiring coach who wants to teach online meditation classes wanted to know how could he possibly be successful when there are so many free resources for meditation already. How does he compete with the likes of Calm and Headspace? What’s the point?

Consider a parallel – what is the point of writing books, when there are so many books out there already? I mean, how do you compete with the likes of Shakespeare? What’s the point?


1. Your book would be different.

2. You don’t compete with Shakespeare (because you are not Shakespeare). Some people read Shakespeare, some people read Dean Koontz. Some people don’t read.

Hint: the above applies to designing a new cars or a video game, creating courses, painting, and yes, teaching online meditation classes as well.

I can be a true originality junkie. I get discouraged if I have an idea, and then realize that someone somewhere has done it first. I want to be first, damn it. And that’s when I have to remind myself that everything has been done. In a way. All the stories have been told, all the notes have been used, all the wedding themes have been done before.

The awesome thing about someone doing it first is that you can improve.

If the fact that someone else has already done “the thing” would prevent you from doing your version of “the thing”, you’d never get anything done. Because everything has been done before.

But if I have not done “the thing” yet, then MY version of it has never been done.

Also… Facebook was started AFTER MySpace. And Yahoo was founded full three years before Google. So… yeah.

Hugs, SOLO


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