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OSC 001 Language, Self-Care And Frankensteining The Body With Jessi Kneeland

In this episode of Operation SuperCoach podcast, I speak with Jessi Kneeland about coaching breakthroughs, body positivity vs. body neutrality, and the importance of language and the words we use. We discuss how self-care does not have to be rooted in self-improvement, how global pandemic might impact those who are used to following a rigid set of rules when it comes to food and exercise, and how we often use a Frankenstein-approach when thinking about our bodies. Jessi also talks about how her perception of her own body changed over time. And whether using a scale is ever a good idea.

Jessi Kneeland is a writer, a speaker and a body image coach. You can find Jessi at and @jessikneeland on Instagram.

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