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OSC 002 Former Art Nerd Turned Strength Coach, And How It’s Not About You With Paul Hynes

In this episode of Operation SuperCoach podcast, I am interviewing Coach Paul Hynes from Hynes Performance.

Paul is a former art school nerd. When he first entered the weight room, he was a skinny guy who was looking to build some muscle. Now, he works as a Strength and Conditioning coach with clients from all walks of life. Paul believes that training should be an enjoyable, yet challenging process, and is all about meeting people at their starting point and moving forward from there.

When I started training with Paul, I had a shoulder injury that made it painful to lift my arms over my head. I couldn’t take my own sports bra off without pain. Oh, and I was twelve weeks pregnant. Today, we talk about how training does not have to look any ONE way, how best results are often found when a coach meets their clients where they are at, and exercising through injury.

You can find out more about Paul Hynes here. Also, find him on Instagram at @hynesperformance and @paul.hynes.

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