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Parenting Is Exhausting. Travelling Is Exhausting.

I read these two sentences in Amanda’s Palmer’s mailing list tonight, and yes, it’s like she was talking to me, and I was nodding – saying, “yep, thank you. thank you for seeing me, for saying what I’ve been thinking”.

We choose our own problems. If we are lucky. I chose parenthood. I chose travelling. I chose, I chose. How lucky. How tiring.

Working full time, and travelling, and baby is hard. As of 3pm today, my actual food intake consisted of coffee, peanut butter toast, an ice cream cone, a banana, another coffee, and a cookie. Nope, not exaggerating.

But, in this very moment, and in this particular life chapter, the food is far down the list of things that occupy my attention. I chose that too.

And nope, I have not showered today either, and it’s +35C in Santiago. But it is Italian’s birthday, so I did wake up early, and worked, and he woke up early, and cleaned poop off the child, and, and I worked, and he cleaned yogurt off the child. I did organize a walking tour of urban art for us as a birthday present, and it was amazing, despite my beloved offspring continuously attempting to walk in front of traffic, eat pigeon poop, and arch her back in protest, while screaming like a banshee. And I did sprint to the coworking space to make my meeting (and another meeting, and an interview, and another meeting), and yes, showed up with half a pint of beer to the last meeting of the day. Because beer is included at the coworking space, and did I mention all the poop today? – ah, yes, so feel free to add that beer to my earlier list of food intake.

I managed to throw in a whole lot of cherry tomatoes, and blueberries, and half a grapefruit, and even something resembling protein just now (a microwaved egg, I believe? ask Italian), and even do a little 25-min workout (only my second in a week). Gawd, I was hungry for green and fibre.

We are trying to clean out the fridge before moving to another city tomorrow. So far, breakfast spread consists of ten eggs, two English muffins, two green peppers, one banana, one yogurt container, half of 1.5L bottle of Coke Zero, and one packet of Cup-A-Soup (chicken supreme flavour). And peanut butter, obviously.

I should probably shower.

Next destination – La Serena, Chile.


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