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Peak Week - Day Five

*This week is all about peak week, so bear with me… I may lack my usual brilliance and wit, as I ingest increasing amounts of water, and complete crazy amount of sets/reps in the gym. If you are wondering what is this peak week insanity, read about it here.

Today we are cutting water and salt, and loading up on carbs. Bring it on.

I definitely looked forward to my breakfast this morning. Mmm, mmm – sweet potatoes with some cinnamon. But it was dry, dry! This will be interesting. Although I am just relieved to not have to drink obscene amounts of water any more.


  • Eat 5 meals.

  • NO veggies or fruit.

  • Add dry carbs amounting to 1g/lb of bodyweight, divided amongst your meals (or 1 cupped-hand portion per meal).

  • Eat 1 serving of lean protein (equivalent to 20g, or 1 palm of protein) per meal.

  • NO added fats with meals.

  • Drink 0.5 gallon (2 L) of water.

  • Limit salt content in your food.

  • If desired and not contra-indicated, add a herbal diuretic.


Starting today until after the photo shoot, we are off from all training. I am pretty relieved about that actually. Can’t imagine having to work out today.


  • Once you take out the fruit and veggies, meals are kind of… UGLY. Monochromatic. Boring. Sad. People! Enjoy your vegetables!!! For me!!!

  • Foods I’ve been craving… tomatoes and apples. Juicy. Crunchy. Not green.

  • I totally overdid it with the “green” grocery shopping. Now I have all these lovely green vegetables teasing me from the fridge. Darn you!

  • No headaches today, but boy, was I dragging my feet. Holy moly. Going up the stairs was a challenge. Talk about muscle depletion… Check! I’m also pretty sore, but not in a specific “I totally killed my triceps yesterday” kind of way, but rather all over.

  • I’m still having trouble getting my seven hours of sleep with all the running to the bathroom. That plus no energy = passed for 1.5 nap. I needed it! As I reached for a blanket, realized how sore my abs are!

  • I got my spray tan today. Walking into a tanning salon to get a spray tan is kind of like walking into McDonald’s to get a bottled water. You get to feel all superior and self-righteous…

  • As of yesterday, my weight was back up by couple of pounds (probably all that water). Again, nothing major in either direction. However, the muscle tone has definitely increased over the past couple of days.

  • Hello, striation!!! Striation = visible striped appearance of certain skeletal muscles. Another hot topic in the bodybuilding world! Ironically, the “muscle separation” workout often includes high reps with moderate weight. Hmmm…. ten sets, anyone?


meal 1: 4oz tilapia ¾ cup sweet potato cup of coffee with ½ cup unsweetened almond milk

meal 2: 4oz tilapia ¾ cup sweet potato

meal 3: 3 rice cakes 5 large shrimp 2 egg whites

meal 4: 5oz chicken breast “fried” with chicken broth (argh – realized it was full of sodium) and garlic and ginger 1 medium white potato decaf Earl Grey tea with splash of almond milk

meal 5: 4 oz chicken breast “fried” with sodium free broth and curry powder 2 rice cakes ½ cup sweet potatoes –> mashed on served on top of rice cakes, pro-tip from a PN alumni! cup of green tea

A friend of mine, who is a really cool chick tough as nails, posted this on her Facebook wall today, and I thought I’d share. Thanks, Liat. Squat bums rock!

“I flipping LOVE my body. My goals are not aesthetic. I am not a figure, bikini, or fitness model. I don’t fit into a size 0, or think I will ever be a Victoria Secret model. That is not MY goal. I refuse to waste hours doing cardio and to undereat. I am an athlete. I eat healthy and train hard. I don’t desire the approval of a panel of judges to tell me that my body is good because of how it looks. … I want to be judged for what it can DO, in comparison to YOU. MY BODY is SO much more POWERFUL, STRONG, FLEXIBLE, and CLEAN than the general population. I refuse to be brittle, weak… ***wasted potential*** Anyone who tells me to stop lifting, do more or cardio, or cut weight might as well get on their knees and kiss my squat bum.”


Signing off, SOLO


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