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Peak Week - Day Two

*This week is all about peak week, so bear with me… I may lack my usual brilliance and wit, as I ingest increasing amounts of water, and complete crazy amount of sets/reps in the gym. If you are wondering what is this peak week insanity, read about it here.

We are still in the carb depleting stage… Increase salt and water intake. Decrease carbohydrates, and train hard!!! I am not 100% compliant with EVERYTHING, but again I’m doing my best, while minimizing the likelihood of doing insane.

NUTRITION (same as yesterday):

  • Eat 5 meals.

  • Limit carb intake by avoiding all starches, sugars, and colourful fruits and veggies.

  • For carbs, eat only “green and white” veggies such as leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, celery, green beans etc.

  • Eat 1 serving of lean protein (equivalent to 20g, or 1 palm of protein) per meal.

  • Include ½ to 1 thumb of fat per meal.

  • Drink 1 gallon (4 L) of water. It’s easiest to fill up a gallon jug and just sip from it all day until it’s gone.

  • Add the same or slightly more salt than usual to your food.


  • (optional) 30-60 minutes of cardio –> ideally on empty stomach


The training is specified every week. For peak week, we are continuing with the same workout from the couple of weeks before, but dropping the reps, and increasing the number of sets.

10 min, treadmill warm-up 65 minutes, main workout: This workout has been around for a couple of weeks, but with fewer sets and with 15 reps for each exercise! Today you’ll complete 8 rounds of each group, performing 8 reps of each exercise at a controlled pace, with minimal rest in between. Gah. Eight sets.

  • overhead dumbbell press –> 5 sets with 15lb, 3 sets with 20lb

  • alternating dumbbell row –> 30lb

  • weighted rear lunge –> 5 sets with 30lb, 3 sets with 35lb

  • 1/2 plank band pull –> 3 sets with 10lb, 5 sets with 12lb

  • waiter’s carry –> 3 sets with 35lb, 1 set with 30lb, 4 sets with 25lb

  • lateral fly –> 1 set with 15lb, 7 sets with 12.5lb

  • supine hip extension leg curl on the ball (SHELC)

15 min, spin bike 15 min, elliptical *Breaking down the cardio into different machines, because cardio for the sake of cardio is mind numbing! Where is Dr. House when you need him?

Total workout length: 1 hour 45 minutes (whew… haven’t spent that much time in the gym… ever?).


  • I spent most of the day at home, and it was definitely easier to get the water in! I had more than 4L today, I think – counting post-workout BCAAs and herbal tea.

  • I miss chewier vegetables. Very excited to have peppers and mushrooms in an omelet for dinner.

  • Almond milk is an ok dairy-free substitute, but I miss my milk in coffee!

  • Have you ever noticed that at least one television set at the gym is always playing Food Network? It’s a little twisted, no?


Today, at restaurant Solo we served

meal 1: 5 egg whites omelet with asparagus and olive oil 1-1.5 cups steamed zucchini + kale coffee with ½ cup chocolate unsweetened almond milk –> oh so worth it.

meal 2: 3-4 oz lean ham → not ideal, but this is another social engagement, so chant Om and think of good-better-best continuum 2 cups lettuce salad

meal 3: 3-4 oz lean ham 2 cups steamed zucchini + kale

meal 4: 4 oz basa fish 1 cup lettuce 2 cups steamed zucchini + kale salt

meal 5: ½ cup egg whites → maybe more… totally eyeballed this one. 2 cups peppers + mushrooms ½ cup raw cucumber 1 tsp olive oil salt soy sauce


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