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Pick A Number You Think Most Describes Me

“Pick a number between one to ten. Now, pick the number that you think I picked you to pick.” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

I saw this meme going around the internets - post this on Facebook, and let people pick (a) number(s) that they think most describe(s) you. I was obviously procrastinating doing something.

Probably, mobility. May all lacrosse balls be damned.

So, go ahead. Pick a number. Make my fucking day.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 5.42.17 PM


if you pick 1 – thank you (no points for originality though). if you pick 2 – thank you, however, chances are it’s not mutual. if you pick 3 – see above. if you pick 4 – it sounds like we’ve met. if you pick 5 – the feeling may be mutual. Unless you are one of my Facebook stalkers, in which case, may I suggest some good quality porn instead. if you pick 6 – send a picture, I’ll assess whether it’s mutual. if you pick 7 – thank you (and I was probably wearing make-up) if you pick 8 – thank you (I’m assuming you also picked 7. Naturally.) if you pick 9 – thank you. You have no idea. To increase your chances of 24, I suggest you pick 13, and 14, but not 17. if you pick 10 – thank you. Please elaborate. if you pick 11 – I was probably hungry. if you pick 12 – I was probably very hungry. if you pick 13 – I agree. if you pick 14 – thank you (and if you also selected 13, I hope you know they are synonyms). if you pick 15 – please elaborate. if you pick 16 – i’d rather you picked 7, but thank you. if you pick 17 – please elaborate (and I was probably very hungry). if you pick 18 – I don’t know if I’m ready to say it back. I suggest you start with 24 first, so I can assess whether you are 8 enough, and 1 enough. if you pick 19 – thank you (and it sounds like we’ve met). if you pick 20 – thank you (I’m assuming we’ve met. And if we haven’t, I know a really good therapist). if you pick 21 – thank you? (and it looks like we’ve never met). if you pick 22 – careful what you wish for. If you also selected 11 and 12, I know a really good therapist. if you pick 23 – I hope you did not also pick 17. Coz that would be slightly inconsistent. And you’d have to find me first – I’ve been looking for myself for years. if you pick 24 – The feeling may be mutual. State your favourite beer, and I’ll assess whether it’s mutual. If you also selected 6, don’t forget to send a picture. if you pick 25 – you know too much (and thank you… and I hope you also picked 12 – for poetry’s sake, and did NOT pick 17 – for YOUR sake) if you pick 26 – you must be one of them, creative types. If your 4, 9 and 19 mostly outweigh the 1, then 24. if you pick a sum of the numbers you picked – you sound like a pain in the ass. 13! And 24.

P.S. And the number is 42. Obviously. Solo


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