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Pixelgate, Photoshop Wars, And Other Dead Horses In Obstacle Racing

Ahhhh... Certain things never go away. And yes, we are still talking about the Spartan Race and the competitors' logos in their photos. Yet another #shirtstorm broke out after the Spartan Race has blurred out the BattleFrog logo from Ryan Atkins' shirt.


Let's see.

A photo is considered

to be promotional material. OF COURSE, Spartan Race will remove a logo of a direct competitor from their PROMO MATERIALS. Why wouldn't they?

Instead of detailed discussion on brand competition and/or violation of personal freedom (been there, done that - read the blog post here), I present to you the photo essay of the most recent Photoshop war that broke out over yet another altered image.

First, the original image that started it all.

At least one BattleFrog fan shot back with this (note Joe sporting BF logo and a luminous smile).

BattleFrog came back with this gem (bonus points for the sense of humour):

Yet another BattleFrog fan took it up a notch:

And another notch:

Nice touch from the Canada Goose:

Feel angry and upset about something? Photoshop to the rescue!

Oh, and when in doubt, crop man's head onto a woman's body. That will show him.

Perhaps, my favorite take on the #Pixelgate conundrum is below. Gentlemen, I think you both have a business idea there somewhere. Start selling those - quick!

1. Of course, Spartan Race will blur out the logo of their competition from their own promotional materials. Yes, some companies do not do that, but they also do not have the reach that the Spartan Race does. To have another logo on their podium is free advertising for another race: "Hmmm... what is this BattleFrog thing? Let me learn more".

2. The unfortunate (for Spartan Race) side effect of all this chatter is that it ends up creating quite a bit of PR for BattleFrog, and quite a bit of negative buzz for Spartan Race -even though they are simply engaging in a standard business practice. Lose-lose.

Am I missing a photo? Send it my way, and I will include it in the blog post.

Hugs, SOLO


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