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Root Canals And Getting Old(er)

One day, while applying eyeshadow, I noticed that the skin on my upper lids was not as firm as it used to be. Bummer. You know when I noticed it for the first time? When I was 28. Yeah.

I found my first grey hair when I was 29. It was in my eyebrow, and at first, I didn’t even realize that it was grey – just bleached by the sun, perhaps? Then the reality dawned, and I did not pluck the hair for few days, waiting to feel anything. You know.. to feel sad, or depressed, or identity crisis-ey in any way.


I shrugged and plucked the damn thing.

This week, I became a proud owner of a root canal. Now, that was a weird experience. Not even the “we will drill through your tooth to find a nerve, and then go up the nerve to the end to clean it out, and pack it with biocompound material” part. [You are welcome for THAT image]. It’s the age part. In my head, “old” people get root canals. I remember my mom getting a root canal when I was 12 (to be fair, I am now realizing, that when I was 12, my mom was actually close to my age – YIKES!).

Certain life events take us by surprise. For example, I am now of generation whose parents are getting diagnosed with cancer and heart disease. And I know that my parents were definitely taken by surprise when they realized that they were the age when their friends (and themselves) were getting those scary diagnoses.

I am now of that certain age when people get root canals. It is actually pretty awesome. I lived to the age to need a root canal, y’all!

We all grow really old, and get root canals, grey hair, crepey eyelids, and wrinkles. If we are lucky, that is. Alternatively, we die way before we get a chance to get any of those great things. [See great discussion on being lucky and getting older here.]

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, working on my wrinkles…

P.S. Yes, I realize how entertaining this post will be to read when I am in my 40s. Or 50s. Or 90s. And I hope to make it there. Fingers crossed.

YOUR TURN: What was a thing or an incident that made you realize you were getting older? Was it a milestone birthday? Or a milestone occasion, like starting a retirement savings account? Or was it something small, like in my case?

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Hugs, SOLO


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