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S.E.R.E. Urban Challenge – New York City Weekend – How Fast Can You Pack?

Something I didn’t know 36 hours ago – I am taking off to NYC in a couple of hours to participate in S.E.R.E. Performance Urban Challenge.

Talk about spontaneity.

A member on a friend’s team could not make it, and they really needed another insane individual to join them. Enter Solo.

S.E.R.E. stands for Strength. Endurance. (Self)Reliance. Evolving… your body and mind. In less cryptic terms, it is a 14-15 hour suck-fest, loosely based on US Military training, and focusing on survival skills and physical conditioning.

I have done the Goruck Challenge in Toronto last summer (read all about it here), but S.E.R.E. will be new. From very little that I know about the event, it seems to be similar to Goruck (physical conditioning, takes place at night, in a big city, team setting), but differs in some important ways – it is more competitive. Five teams of ten people compete over the course of the challenge, with one winning team at the end.

From FAQ:

What if I die on a challenge?We hope this doesn’t happen but if it does, all S.E.R.E. Instructors will attend your funeral and dig your grave free of charge.Awwww..

If Goruck is the Tough Mudder of urban adventure events, then S.E.R.E. is the Spartan. Harder, and more competitive.

My team sounds all kinds of awesome. So far, I know that our food will probably be taken away for at least 4-8 hours, and cold water immersion will probably be on the menu (but we will probably be able to strip beforehand, isn’t that nice?).

So if you will excuse me, I need to prep my road trip food cooler!


  • 60 min, hot yoga

WOD – Wednesday (CrossFit):

  • front squat 3-3-3

warm-up –> 5(35) / 5(85) / 3(115) / 3(125) 3(145) / 3(155) / 3(165)

  • AMRAP 70% RM = 125lb –> 14 reps

  • 7 min, AMRAP –> 10 wallballs (14lb) + 10 ringdips (red band) = 4 rounds

WOD – Tuesday:

  • 5-7 min, jump rope

  • 1 min stationary bike, 1 min jump rope –> 5 rounds

  • 1 min sprint on elliptical, 10 thrusters with 50 pounds –> 5 rounds

  • 2 x 10 each side, standing side bends with 45lb plate

Wish me luck!

Signing off, Solo


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