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Couple of months back I offhandedly remarked to a fellow coach that I’ve lost a bunch of muscle mass.

“I’m probably at least 15 pounds under what my weight SHOULD be”, I continued.

“Says who?”, he asks pointedly.

I pause. Then laugh. I walked right into that one.

Of course, it’s silly. My weight SHOULD nothing.

It’s higher. It’s lower. It’s stable. It is the outcome of many things, and many variables in my life. The same is probably true for you.

Notice that there are two parts to my statement: — I lost a bunch of muscle mass, AND — I am under what my weight should be.

We, humans, often do this. We start with a factual statement, and finish off with a value judgment.

I have a big belly AND it’s disgusting. I have gained some weight, AND therefore, I should lose it. I weighed X before I had a kid, AND so I should weigh X again.

A good coach can change your entire perspective with one question.

“Says who?” “How do you know?” “Why”? “Are you sure?”

#coachingtips #operationsupercoach

Hugs, SOLO

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