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Sing From The Balcony, Or Resell Lysol Wipes – Operation Lockdown

Fatigue and sleep deprivation bring out the worst in me.

In the middle of some race, in some godforsaken forest, in the middle of the night, freezing cold, probably wet, and without coffee – I lose my sense of humour, the dirty jokes cease, and the bitch comes out. Major kudos to my race partners for managing the angry Russian in those moments. From what I hear, the key approach is to disregard most of what I say, and keep going. And, for the love of evolution, do not try to cheer me up or get me to “look at the bright side”. I WILL hurt you.

First six months of my kid’s life? Oh yeah… sleep dep. When I don’t sleep, I’m an asshole. When Italian doesn’t sleep, he’s an asshole. Except… it turns out that Italian is way way better at being married to an asshole than I am, so major kudos go to him for the fact that we managed NOT to get divorced in those first few months.

Time pressure and acute stress bring out the best in me.

I still remember when my little brother snuck the biggest knife out of the kitchen and cut himself, while trying to make an arrow out of a tree branch. It was a deep cut. There was a lot of blood. Grandmas ran around him in circles, and wailed. My eight year old self stood there, wondering why no one would give the kid some gauze or something.

The times of stress will bring out the best in some people, and the worst in others. — One personal trainer in Spain has been training folks from their balconies, blasting music on the roof, as he does jumping jacks. — One opera singer in Italy has been giving performances to his neighbors. — One coach has set up a studio in his living room to broadcast PE classes to children who are stuck at home. — One couple made thousands of dollars buying up Lysol wipes at Costco, and reselling them at a significant mark-up. ^^^ One of these examples is not like the others. I know which ones I’m trying to emulate.

Shout out to my race partners who have had the “honour” of my company when I am coffeeless, and tired, and bitchy as hell. I totally didn’t mean all those things I said. ????????????

Hugs, SOLO


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