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Sulphur Springs Trail Run 10k - Race Recap

My first official race this season was the Sulphur Springs Trail Race. I did the shortest distance possible – 10k, and this race was everything that my last race was not. Strong. Consistent. Rest days rock.

Course: A+

Gorgeous is one word to describe it. While some trail races have you running on the pavement for a bit, here we were in the forest right away, and we stayed there the whole time.

Trail – hilly, with lots of muddy (read awesome!) sections. It was not too technical though – many people ran in regular road running shoes without much trouble. You can watch the Get Out There race report from last year below (it gives you a good idea of what the course looks like):

A full out sprint downhill to start of course meant that we had to climb that baby right before the finish line. If you have done Harry’s Spring Run-Off 8k in GTA, you’ll know the feeling.

Organization: C+

There was no event website per say, however, the Facebook page specified Dundas Valley Conservation Area as the location for the race. We only arrived to the entrance to find closed gates, and absolutely no signs of life.

After driving around for a bit, a kind local resident pointed us in the direction of the community center where the race started. How we were supposed to figure that out by ourselves, I am not sure.

Food after the race included fruit, fresh (!) muffins and juice. Runners doing 50k and more also had sandwiches and wraps.

Results were promptly posted. I finished 5th in my age category, and 17th woman overall.

Would I do this again?

Well, now that I know where to go to pick up my damn bib – absolutely. The gorgeous course made up for any glitches with finding the place.

This would be a great first trail race – not too far from the city, moderately technical course, late enough in the season to train for, yet early enough to get a feel for your own fitness and plan the rest of the year accordingly.

Looks like I worked hard – consistent heart rate in 170s, which is about 85% of my maximum heart rate.

And I got to introduce a friend to trail running.

More than anything, it was just an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning.

Hugs, Solo


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