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Team HONK And Fuego y Agua Survival Run Training - Selection Style

Sooo… I’m doing that trail fun run in Nicaragua again.

[quote]Fuego y Agua Survival Run is a 80km+ Ultra Distance Survival Race on the volcanic jungle Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. The objective of this race is to strip you of all comforts and to put you in true Survival mode. The obstacles/challenges are natural and based on the daily survival of the traditional local culture of Nicaragua.

This is not your average ultra marathon, adventure race or obstacle course. You will not be scaling walls, doing burpees, kayaking or only running for hours on end, but you will be doing things you have never done before! You will be challenged with climbing, swimming/diving, jungle rivers & lakes, carrying all sorts of things, digging, running brutal terrain, throwing, memorizing, and surviving in this epic event! This race has aggressive cutoffs and requires ultra marathon distance experience. Most of the course and challenges are not revealed until race day; be ready for anything! [Source][/quote]

Fuego y Agua has added a 2-person team option to the Survival Run Nicaragua last year. It was tempting, but, as you recall, I was a woman on a mission.

This year, allow me to unveil…

Now that this dude got the rectangular piece of cloth he was after for the last three years (and yes, he carries it in his teeth everywhere he goes), he finally decided to head out somewhere warm and tropical. You know… with a beach.

Hence, Team HONK has been assembled.

The rules for the Team division are as follows:

  1. Both Team members must apply and be approved separately – just state your intention to be on a Team and your team mates name on the application

  2. Both Team members must register separately but declare their team partner and Team Name upon registration.

  3. Both Team members will receive their own set of medals ( I – DID – NOT – FAIL)

  4. While racing, team members must be within sight of each other at all times

  5. Team members must cover all of the course together, this includes the volcano climb/s.

  6. Unless otherwise instructed, only one of the team members is required to complete a challenge to qualify (example: only one person has to swim out to the island to retrieve item, only one person has to climb up the tree etc.)

  7. Team members can share a load, or switch off during the carries (example: 50lbs of firewood can be split for two, or runners take turns carrying the weight).

In the case of Team HONK, that means I’m doing the swimming, Stony is doing the climbing. As much as possible, anyway. If you ever saw me trying to climb (or possibly saw Stony trying to swim), you’d instantly understand the intelligent design here.

Our first training session over the weekend was going to be an hour trail run. OR an hour weighted ruck (aka hike with a weight vest or backpack).

If you think that we ended up running for a fucking hour with 30 pounds, you’d be right. That was before the 75-min hot yoga class.


I think Fuego y Agua Survival Run training has officially kicked off. Selection style.

YOUR TURN: What was the workout that kicked YOUR ass lately? And, speaking of ass kicking, did you see that fight?

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Hugs, SOLO


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