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The Hardest Part Is The Sleep Dep

I don’t know if I made it clear in previous posts, but the Goruck Challenge pretty much assumes sleep deprivation, as it starts at 1am and finishes sometime in the late morning (?). Saturday is also full of social plans, and we are racing again Sunday morning. It is safe to say that not much sleeping will be happening in the next two days. Mike, my racing partner, drove in from Syracuse last night. Since he just participated in the Death Race last weekend, we spent most of the night in racing geek talk. Gear, fueling, strategy. Tonnes of information. Not much sleep.

A perfectly normal message exchange between Mike and myself can go something like this:

Mike to SOLO: “SOLO, I got your bricks and the bubble wrap!” SOLO to Mike: “You are the best! I’ll bring the salt pills and duct tape.”

We would make an excellent serial killer team…

All of this great practice for the Spartan Death Race, where you could be going without sleep for as long as 3-4 days. Speaking of which… I officially have under a year until the big day.

It’s late afternoon, and we will likely spend the rest of the day, checking gear, packing and repacking the bags, and maybe playing in the gym. I don’t want to do heavy weights today, but at least want to get my intervals in. Good for warming up the legs anyway.

Hugs, SOLO


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