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The Hummus Creature, And The Moments We Otherwise Forget

Italian handed me a 23-pound creature the other day – completely covered in hummus. It was either clean the floor and clean the high chair, or clean the creature. I chose the latter.

Hummus was on her hands, in her hair, on her clothing. In the folds of her neck. “Please don’t touch mommy with your disgusting hands!” I heard myself saying.

I ended up sitting on the (heated!) bathroom floor, completely naked, while holding and breastfeeding the creature. Soon we were both covered in hummus.

I just finished reading a book called “On Being Human”, where Jennifer Pastiloff talks about writing down couple of moments of your day that you would forget otherwise.

This is one of those moments.

There are little beauties everywhere. We just have to look for them. And then when we find them, we have to keep them close, even when they or drift off to sea, and that isn’t hard, really, when you think about it, because everything always leads to something else and when you feel sad and empty and like it all means nothing, you might look out and see two shopping carts and you might remember: I just have to look, listen, and tell the truth and the beauty will be there. That’s what beauty hunting is.

Hugs, SOLO


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