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The List Controversy - Follow Up Post To The 50 Most Inspirational Women In OCR

As a blogger, I have never really shied away from controversy. I have compared obstacle racing to kinky sex, my coaching clients to Jesus, and detox pushing food bloggers to Adolf Hitler. I have poked fun at a famous race director and wrote scathing reviews of everything from Warrior Dash to Fifty Shades of Grey to the Whole30 book (beloved by many).

So, you must forgive my surprise when my recent blog post on 50 most inspirational women in obstacle racing became one of the most controversial posts I have ever written.

In fact, I am desperately trying not to hashtag the shit out of the whole thing.

The response to the post has been incredible.

To those of you who shared and re-shared the post, who commented, and sent in your own nominations, who reminded me of and told me about so many (more) extraordinary women - thank you.

To those of you who thanked me for shining a spotlight on awesome women in the sport, who told me about your inspiring mothers, wives and girlfriends - thank you. [My favorite comment was from a woman who noted how much of a history lesson this post was to someone entering the sport more recently].

To those of you who suggested that I should be on the list - thank you. I am humbled beyond words. I'll think about it. :)

To those of you who pointed out that this is just a meaningless stupid list on some random person's blog - perhaps. [Although, I'd argue that if I wrote a list of the 50 most inspirational women in Portuguese soccer, that would be way more meaningless. No?] Yet, this meaningless list seemed to have generated an incredible amount of butthurt. You guys flatter me. No, really. Thank you for paying attention and for valuing my opinion.

To those of you who were "shocked", "disgusted" and "appalled" that person X, Y or Z was not included on the list, and otherwise suggested that I somehow failed at everything from blogging to being a decent human being, I have two suggestions:

1. get a grip 2. write your own damn list

Shame on you. Consuming and criticizing is easy. Next time try creating something.

P.S. I will be reviewing the nominations shortly. Meanwhile, if you know a woman who belongs on this list, leave a comment with her name, and let me know why you think she should be on the list.

P.P.S. Oh! Forgot to specify - I never meant for this list to imply some sort of sequential order. :) I am proud to call many of these women my friends. And I don't rank my friends.

Hugs, SOLO


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