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The Most Sustainable Weight Loss

The most sustainable weight loss is UNINTENTIONAL weight loss.

The one that comes from a lifestyle change – not just another diet, claiming to be a lifestyle change, but ACTUAL lifestyle change.

This kind of weight loss often goes unnoticed by the person themselves until others start commenting, or until their clothing starts fitting much looser. It often takes the person by surprise.

Not “I’m gonna do intuitive eating now, but I’m really just hoping I lose weight as a result”. Not “I’m just eating ‘healthy’, but I’m really just hoping I lose weight as a result”.

But rather:

“I used to play ten hours of video games a day, and then I moved to Manhattan, and started walking everywhere.”

“I used to binge and purge multiple times a day, but then I sought help, coaching, therapy, group support, and now it’s five years later, and I just eat whenever I’m hungry.”

“I tend to be a skinny person naturally, so I used to lift heavy and stuff myself with chicken and protein powder every day, and then stopped.”

“I quit my desk job, and went into gardening. Now I grow hot peppers, and make hot sauce.”

“I stopped breastfeeding.”

“I was in a toxic relationship, and often ate to cope. Then I finally had the courage to dump my partner.”

In all these instances, the body changes WITH the life changes. The body changes to reflect life changes. The body adapts to the new demands.

The body does the thing bodies do.

Hugs, SOLO

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