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The Sky Is Grey, The Sun Is Orange

Hey, Friend.

A number of you have reached out, asking if we were ok with all the wildfires around. We are ok. On one hand, life goes on without changes. I am at work, and kids are at school, and I am working on my next newsletter about the Vermont race. Stay tuned. :) On the other hand… I heard from our school this week, informing us that all the outdoor activities will be moved indoors due to poor air quality. The sky is grey, but there are no clouds. It’s the creepiest thing ever. I am wondering whether the long run on the weekend is even a good idea. Everyone seems to be coughing, and it’s hard to tell if it’s seasonal allergies, random spring colds, or smoke in the air. Air quality is expected to continue to deteriorate, and hit its worst today. Italian works outside, and I try not to think about that.

The headlines are downright scary.

But then again, yours truly WAS born in a small coal mining town, soooo black smoke in the air is practically my birthright. Or something. Between global pandemic headlines, war headlines and “it is currently impossible to find Tylenol” headlines, and now this, I’m torn between feeling 1. Old and 2. Like I am in some sort of post-apocalyptic video game.



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