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The Yorkville Life - Travel Notes

Yorkville is one of the most posh areas of Toronto. We are talking Fifth Avenue type of posh – Chanel and Prada storefronts, tiny dogs, and Italian restaurants galore.

This is where my hotel is located during the week of Precision Nutrition gathering.

I imagine Yorkville as an alternate universe of sorts, where men wear Rolex, and women wear dresses that look like this:

Whether or not that’s actually true (from the looks of it the crowd staying at the hotel is more business folks than the ultra wealthy), that’s what I envision.

The guy who brings the coffee in the morning makes a point of saying “Good morning!” in Russian. My charging cables are coiled into perfect circles, while I am gone, and every single loose item on the counter is carefully placed on a mat or a coaster. Oh, and dirty laundry is folded.

Oh, and did I mention that there is a coffee counter in the gym? I should really propose the implementation of that brilliant idea at my GoodLife gym.

Don’t get me started on the turndown service – someone actually comes to mute the lighting, place a rug and a pair of slippers near your bed, and to remove the top blankets.

Me staying at this hotel is kind of like me wearing really high heels and a dress – happens rarely, and I enjoy it immensely. Then it starts to annoy me, and I don’t miss it for a year or so.

Meanwhile, I may indeed forget how to open my own damn door. I’ll just stand there, all doe-eyed and shit.

YOUR TURN: What “alternate universes” have you witnessed lately? For example, some of my “married-with-kids” friends refer to an empty and clean kitchen counter as an alternate universe of sorts?

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Hugs, SOLO


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