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"This Year I..." - The Birth Of Operation Bucket List Group

Something really cool happened this year almost unintentionally, as many cool things tend to do. I started Operation Bucket List Facebook group for folks who wanted to come up with their own bucket list, or already had one, and find a community of fellow weirdos who like lists of all kinds, but especially lists of awesome things to do, and amazing places to visit.

As we wrap up 2017, the group is 160 members strong. This is NOT a list of my accomplishments, this is an annual report of sorts. Below are some of the goals that the group members achieved this year:

– created a bucket list –> multiple people! – moved to another state – changed careers –> multiple people! – saw Hamilton –> also, multiple people! – had a dream vacation at Myrtle Beach – got a tattoo – developed a closer relationship with someone important – started a new job – managed a team for the first time – got into graduate school – started a blog –> at least 3 blogs were born – married my soulmate – went on a cruise – swam with stingrays – learned to snorkel – became the first in my family to graduate from college – learned to listen better – asked for a raise, and got it! – ran 5k without stopping – took charge of my life – felt good in my own skin – travelled by myself – built a website from scratch – started to let go of my stuff – competed in a horse riding competition – celebrated a wedding anniversary – tried boxing for the first time, and competed in my first (not last!) match – completed my first trail half marathon – moved to a small town – earned my black belt in karate (at the same time as my daughter) – completed my first marathon – started a business –> multiple people! – completed a double and a triple Spartan trifecta – completed GORUCK HTL – completed Tough Ruck 26.2 – drove around and explored North America for six months – coached my son to do his first 5k and OCR event – took up photography – participated in OCR World Championships –> multiple people! – qualified for and ran Boston marathon – conquered the 14′ warped wall – meditated every single day – podiumed at a mountain bike race – traveled to Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia – took my first trip with just my kids – walked through Muir Woods – walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back – drove through Colorado and Mojave deserts – took my whole family to Germany to show them where I grew up

Some goals that the groups members are working on:

– create a new bucket list – throw an epic New Years Eve party – swim 1 million metres – complete the Salmon Ladder obstacle – run all the six world marathon majors – Boston, Chicago, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo – do an unsupported hand stand – participate in Sinister 7 Trail Race in Alberta

Want to join? Send me a request here.

Hugs, SOLO


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