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What's Another Three Miles, And How 17-Year Olds Introduce Themselves

… when you are directionally challenged. Yes, a scheduled run yesterday was an 8km tempo, which turned into a 12.7km slog against a brutal wind.

Only yours truly can “accidentally” run an extra 5km or so, by turning onto a street that seemingly goes in the same direction where I need to go, and then being too stubborn to go back. [Hi, Captain…]

What can I say? The universe had to be fair and distribute its gifts equally. I couldn’t possibly end up with great navigation skills AS WELL.

On another note, I have a newly discovered appreciation of high school teachers. Somehow, I found myself teaching a class of high school students this semester. It’s a dual credit course, joint between high school and college, so I have my own bunch of 17-year olds once a week. Interestingly, they are my politest, most respectful group. They come on time, and return from breaks on time. They say “hello” and “thank you”.

When I asked them to write down three things about themselves as a way of introduction, I’ve received the following heart-warming notes:

Smiling IS the best!

Ummm… DUH!

I feel very strongly about humanity too. The valence of those feelings depends on the day, however…

Amen, brother. Sister? WOD:

  • 60min, reduced heat yoga

WOD – Tuesday:

  • 1h 11min, 12.7km run (ha!)

Signing off, SOLO


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