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Half Pregnant – E-Book $5.00

“Half Pregnant: Essays About Miscarriage, Maternity Bras, Sharks And Other Things Dark, Hilarious And Universal” is a collection of essays that explores pregnancy and miscarriage, travel, family, love and death. The author’s voice is thoughtful, but playful. She is sarcastic, deeply intelligent, and occasionally scandalous.

You will enjoy this book, if:

You were the class clown.

You experience a strong urge to laugh at funerals.

You “don’t do feelings”.

You like your humour black, and your jokes dirty.

You would drop anything and everything to help someone you care about. Yet, you often have trouble asking for help.

You are driven by unending, infinite curiosity when it comes to human experience.


This is not your typical “survivor tale” – “Half Pregnant” gives readers permission to find humour in sadness, and lightness in grief – simply because all are shared human experiences. We are all human, stumbling along, trying to figure things out.

And we are hilarious.

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