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Keep Your Bounce Through The Winter With Operation Tigger

A group coaching program for those who hate winter when it’s winter,

and dread winter when it’s not winter


Operation Tigger is a five month group coaching program intentionally designed to help you keep bouncing throughout the coldest months of the year, and support you all the way until spring.

You love spring. Looooooove spring. And yet… you think of winter when lilacs finish blooming. 


Summer solstice is lovely, except it also means that the days are getting shorter. 


And then… there is that moment, an imperceptible moment in August, when the color of leaves goes from green to dull-green, and you know it’s almost fall, and fall means that winter is coming next. 


You hate winter when it’s winter, and dread winter when it’s not winter. 


And, to be completely honest, you are fucking tired of it. 

Tired of feeling like you are in a long-distance relationship with yourself five months out of the year. 

Tired of people asking if you “have tried taking vitamin D”. 

You know there are probably changes you can make that would make cold months more tolerable. But that takes energy, and that’s the first thing that goes once the days get chilly. 


What you want is information - yes, but in a digestible and accessible way. And you want more than that. 

You want to be supported AND guided. 

You want to be surrounded by like-minded people. 

You want to hold hands and sit around the fire - but preferably from the comfort of your own home. 



I created Operation Tigger, because:  

I know that winter can really suck for some of us. You do all the things (light, exercise, supplements), but you still feel disconnected. Connected to other people in the same boat can be oh-so-helpful, but doing so feels like WORK. And you already have little energy. 


Structure and accountability are two things that really help in the winter months, as we put one foot in front of the other. Yet, many activities, sessions and treatments (think yoga class, massage, or therapy) happen on an one-off basis. You go to a class, and feel better, and you know that you should go again next week, but then next week rolls around, and… you talk yourself out of it. Gahhhh.

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Month 1:

Winterizing 101 

What do you do NOW? All the hard-hitting actions and practices that make a difference - established EARLY ON in the winter. The list of possible "remedies" is long - from supplementation and essential oils to light therapy and ice baths. You will know which practices work, and have research evidence to support their efficacy, and which are unhelpful and even harmful. You will use both natural and artificial light and set up your entire environment to support better mood and energy throughout the winter. 

Month 2:

Tis' The Season

How do you get through the holidays, and even enjoy them? You will know how to set up and maintain boundaries, and deal with well-meaning food pushers and alcohol pushers. You will also choose the word for the upcoming year, and set some goals - big and small - and accomplish some of those goals before spring. You will learn about and incorporate mindful practices into your day (and night) for better stress management, and attend a breathwork session taught by a professional facilitator. You will wrap up the year by setting the intention for the new year - and not just making plans, but taking steps to accomplish them. 

Month 3:

It's Not All In Your Head (But Some Of It Is) 

How do you think about the winter, and other stressors? How is this contributing to your experience of the seasons?


You will identify and address some of the unhelpful thinking patterns and coping mechanisms. You will learn about positive reframing without bypassing or toxic positivity. You will walk away with specific cognitive restructuring tools.

Month 4:

Feeding You, Not Just Your Body  

How do you adjust your nutrition for the seasons? 

Food is more than macros, but you are not "what you eat" either. You will find your own winter kitchen groove, as you learn about and apply concepts from performance psychology, nutrition science and Ayurveda.


Shifting your food choices in a way that supports both you AND your body, as the weather gets colder, and you start craving comfort foods.

Month 5:

We Like To Move It, Move It

How do you adjust your movement and exercise for the seasons? 

You will distinguish between movement, exercise and training, and will incorporate types of movement that feel supportive, rather than oppressive. You will come up with a movement menu for every occasion, and explore how you view your own body and the bodies of others in a session with a body image and body neutrality coach. 


Engaging in physical movement that feels supportive and choosing between moving, exercising and training (and the difference between those)

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Coach Bio

Hi! I’m Kate Solovieva.I am a life coach with over ten years of experience, having worked with 1,000+ clients and mentored 200+ coaches. My academic background includes undergraduate and graduate psychology degrees, focusing on health and stress management, as well as post-graduate degrees in trauma and cognitive behavioral therapy. I am also a writer, a mom, and a Tigger. 


Five monthly payments of $349 USD ($1,745 USD in total)

Operation Tigger is a five month group coaching program intentionally designed to help you keep bouncing throughout the coldest months of the year, and support you all the way until spring. 

Here’s what you get: 

3x 90min group coaching calls per month - that’s fifteen calls over five months. No kidding around, we go ALL winter. I’m gonna hold on and not let you go until there are actual signs of spring in the air. 

Group Voxer chat - a place to connect with your fellow Tiggers when you want a high five, a hug or just an opportunity to complain about the weather.

Additional resources and recommendations - from books to articles to podcast interviews - that have been read, consumed, reviewed and vetted by me as helpful and applicable. You don't have time and energy to muddle through all the fluff and noise that is out there, when it comes to making winter easier. I have done all of this work for you. 

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Weekly expressive writing prompts (always helpful, but always optional). As a lifelong writer and journaller, I wrote my graduate thesis on the power of expressive writing, and this is the first time I am bringing this expertise into this program. 

Snail mail. I might not be able to give you a hug in person, but I will come close by sending you hugs in mail.

Two brilliant speakers - Iona Holloway, breathwork teacher, coach and author, and Jessi Kneeland, body image coach and author.

Registration closed on Friday, November 3rd 2023


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