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Want to know what one on one coaching is like?
Here’s what few of my clients have to say:

Having just left a very toxic workplace and in a precarious place emotionally, I was hoping for some guidance on how to navigate through the winter without giving in to the negative voice on my shoulder that was telling me to hibernate and eat all the “red light” foods – chips, candy, chocolate…


What did I get? A thoughtful, insightful and supportive person willing to listen while I tried not to cry during our video calls. That support was/is invaluable to me and helped build my belief in not only myself but in humanity again. There really are nice people out there! Through Kate’s guidance, I’ve started to “change the script” in my head. Instead of having that all or none mentality where if I didn’t do or eat what I’d planned, then I’d just throw in the towel, she continually pointed out the good things, the positive things. “But look, you did A, B and C this week. That’s fantastic!” This change in mindset has been life changing for me.


Since starting our sessions I’ve started a new job, increased my weekly movement/exercise and have a better outlook than I’ve had in a very long time. Overall, this experience was more than I had hoped for. I was quite sad when the program was over and hope I will have an opportunity to work with Kate again in the future.

— Sheena

Kate is an incredible coach and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her. When I started coaching, I felt out of control with my nutrition, yo-yoing between dieting and overindulging. Wanting consistency, I began with fixed ideas about how change would occur. Kate met me where I was at and helped me feel safe and cared for, inspiring me to develop realistic and attainable goals for long-term health and well-being. Coaching helped me to not only develop effective strategies for addressing challenges and meeting my goals, but also improve my mindset about myself and the process of change.


Through working with Kate, I learned self-compassion and acceptance, patience, and temperance. Kate offered compassionate listening combined with gentle but effective questioning and confrontation to help me identify food rules that were keeping me chained to a destructive cycle. She helped me see connections between nutrition and other areas of life and inspired me to recognize and incorporate new sources of joy for a full and enjoyable life. Through our work together, I developed sustainable nutrition habits as well as continued goals for deep health and satisfaction. So thankful for my wonderful coach. Kate is amazing!

— Elizabeth Campbell

When I first started coaching with Kate, I honestly wasn’t exactly sure what I was hoping to get out of it: Accountability? A new perspective? Focus? Inspiration? “Yes” to all and then some. With 2020 bearing down on me with so much loss and also, surprisingly, so much growth, I needed an anchor point, a neutral but wise and deep expert to put her arm around my shoulder, offer some practical guidance, a sage perspective and help till the fallow ground of my heart and mind. During our time together, she helped me start to birth the book that has been a part of me for almost four years; she helped me strategize my professional growth as a health coach in healthcare, and really helped clarify my priorities when I was extremely taxed at work and home. My mindfulness game grew exponentially. Most importantly, she helped me gain confidence from her wisdom, self-compassion from her grace, and self-awareness from her gentle, but laser-like inquiry. And, she did it all with humor and strength (while pregnant!) during the coldest and darkest winter of our collective lives!


I’ve come away with a plan for moving forward in 2021, particularly around finishing my book and creating consistency in my approach. She also taught me what is truly important: paying attention and recognizing the difference between the things in my locus of control and the things that are not – and the peace, freedom and power that comes from that awareness.


Coach Solo is glorious. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, her commitment to me to getting to the “thing” every time.  And, I will never hesitate to reconnect with her in the future, as life continues to evolve. She exemplifies the consummate coach, and what I hope to become myself.

— Caroline Sprinkel, Pn2, NBC-HWC
Washington, DC area

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