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GORUCK Challenge Toronto 2012 - Part 3

It’s getting lighter. We are marching around the sleepy city, and the logs are getting heavier. The occasional people zombies we encounter either look perplexed or completely oblivious – the latter tends to be the function of the big city, I think. Try surprising someone downtown Toronto… chances are they will pretend they cannot see you and forge ahead. So much for causing a scene.

We enter a spiffy-looking neighborhood. The cars are expensive, and the fences are white. Little do the residents know that they are in for some Sponge Bob action. Now watch carefully for the dark red house in the background. At the first sounds of our serenade which was punctuated with heavy breathing of 14 people lifting heavy things, a pissed woman in a sleeping gown made an appearance on the balcony…

Cadre forgot his lines at this point… He was supposed to say loudly:

“It is the east and Juliet is the sun! Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief That thou her maid art far more fair than she.”

In this case, however, it was the Juliette herself who was sick and pale with grief. Grief of being waken up at 5am on a Saturday… We wished her good morning and removed ourselves from the scene. As (original) Juliette pointed out wisely, “If they do see thee, they will murder thee”.

We head over to yet another green field, and finally put the logs down. I kind of miss the feeling of sharp pain on my shoulder… It just ain’t right.

Some refueling…

The drawback of an endurance event – stupid gels. They taste amazing for the first two hours. Mmmmmm, chocolatey goodness… Then you just want to bite into a steak.

We are all in one line, while cadre quizzes us one-on-one on the details of yet another character that we were supposed to encounter. “Don’t give out all the facts right away,” he coaches. “You do that, you get killed, and then the enemy knows exactly what to say to your buddy who comes next. Play the game.”

The logs stay behind. Cadre, being the kind soul that he is, gives our shoulders a break… as in… we now cannot carry the backpacks on our shoulders. Carry it in front of you, carry it on your head, on the back of the neck, farmer carry style, or in your teeth. I have tried all five… Mike and I alternate carrying both of each others’ bags for a while, as it helps to even out the load.

operation mud – full camouflage before we head out again. Dirt! That I can do!!!

Carrying backpacks is now the whole new level of awkward. I use a photo opportunity to rest my arm.

Beaux + Solo

Pit stop at Starbucks. No warm liquids to be ingested. Only expelled. Sigh… The smell of coffee is killing me – I am sure this is part of the mental torture. Can I buy a latte with burpees?

Destination – Queen’s Park…


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