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Mudnewton Mudrun 2013, And Why You Should Participate In A Local Mudrun

I have discovered MudNewton in 2011, purely by accident. It was a mud run. It was close. And it sounded like fun. Besides, they had an option called Solo 10K Challenge. Yes, please!

The first year the race was small, the people were friendly, and the course was beautiful. At the very end, Andrew and I had an amazing mud playing session, and ended up being interviewed for the race review for Get Out There magazine.

See the video race report:

Fast forward to 2012. The race was bigger, the people were still friendly, and the course was just as beautiful. This year brought more kids, more costumes, and more unadulterated fun. The race also took place ON my birthday. I could hardly resist such a fantastic opportunity for a birthday party. All friends were invited to show up and get dirty. And they did!

More fantastic muddy pictures:

This year Mudnewton is coming back, and takes place one day before my birthday. And so once again, I am announcing it to be my official birthday race. Come celebrate with me!

I will be running the 5k course, dolled up in a dress and carrying a birthday cake. You get to witness the above, race, jog, or shuffle on Team Solo (as captured by the face markings), have lots of fun and sing me Happy Birthday at the end. Or at the beginning. Or both.

Or you can simply show up, point your finger at those running and laugh. And take pictures.

If seeing me run in a dress was not enough, here are 13 more reasons you should participate in a local mud run:

1. You can bring your kids, your dogs and your aunt Barbara. And they can all participate. 2. You will spend a weekend morning out in nature, enjoying the trails. 3. You will not witness protein-drinking, iron-pumping and chest-thumping half-naked guys at the start line. Probably. 4. You do not have to take a knee. Or recite a pledge. Or pretend to hail from an Ancient Greek city. 5. You will have an opportunity to get wet and muddy without barbed wire, electric shocks or live alligators. 6. You get to meet your friends, your neighbors, your friends’ neighbors, and your neighbors’ friends. 7. You do not need special trail running shoes, compression calf sleeves, hydration pack, energy gels or salt pills. You do not even need to know what any of those are. 8. You do not have to wear anything special on Monday. On your head or anywhere else. You just wear your regular clothes. 9. The registration does not cost an arm and a leg. And a kidney. 10. You (often) do not have to pay for parking. 11. You do not need to shuffle through thousands of race photos to find yourself. 12. There are no shuttles, timing chips, or death waivers. 13. You can be home for lunch.

By now you must be sold…

You can register online:

Use discount code “mudnewton” to get $5 off your registration.

Hope to see you there.

*Disclaimer: I have received a free entry to this event. Under no circumstances have I been paid to write any positive reviews. Anything you read here is my independent opinion based on my own experience.

All photos are courtesy of Ryder Photography – professional sport photographers behind recent events like Mud Hero, the Punisher Adventure Race and Sulphur Springs Trail Race.

They do the best muddy photography I have ever seen (and I have seen a LOT of muddy photography)…

Just check these out:

I am happy to report that Ryder Photography will be back this year, shooting all the muddy fun at Mudnewton 2013.

YOUR TURN: Have you ever participated in a local mudrun? What was your experience like? What was your favorite part? Least favorite?

Signing off, Solo


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