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The Canadian Death Race 2015 - T minus 3 days

I am desperately trying to juggle the “I have a huge race on Saturday” brain with the “I’m getting married” brain.

One way or another, I’m getting on a jet plane to Edmonton (cue song) tomorrow night. Pre-race brief is on Friday night, and we will toe the start line on Saturday morning.

Final destination:

Grande Cache, AB pop’n 4,319

It’s a small town with four schools and one newspaper. According to Wikipedia, there are two notable things about Grande Cache: 1) it is the home of the Canadian Death Race, and 2) it is the site of the Grande Cache Institution, a medium-security prison. Since the prisoners are probably discouraged from running through the mountains in large groups, the race is pretty much THE big event of the year.

The race website encourages racers to carry bear spray and “Bear Smart”. Excellent. Bear spray is one thing I have not yet had to carry during a race. A life jacket, yes. An axe, yes. A machete, yes. A freaking suitcase, sure. Bear spray? Not yet!

Oh, and my Sunday night will include something with an endearing name DeathFest, described as a festival of family fun, games, inflatables and a killer concert. Obviously. Everyone knows that every killer concert includes inflatables. Kind of sounds like a mini-Burning Man in the mountains.

And now I really need to pack.

Hugs, SOLO


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