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2013 Annual Review

I find that January is a good month to review the year before. December just gets too insane with the holidays and the gift shopping, friends moving across the country, and friends getting married. You get the idea.

And… you know how much I like lists. So here’s my 2013:


  • tried the Kool-aid – completed 4 months of CrossFit

  • ran my fastest half marathon

  • saw my first article in print in Get Out There magazine

  • started my own business – SOLO Performance Coaching is officially born

  • completed my first S.E.R.E. Challenge

  • my best friend got engaged

  • became Female Champion at the Toronto Athletic Games

  • first female across the finish in Tough Mudder Toronto

  • Spartan Death Race (unofficial) finisher

  • my first Olympic triathlon

  • my first road marathon

  • became a Precision Nutrition mentor

  • be able to do 20 double-unders in a row

  • went to Burning Man

  • went to San Francisco and Boston for the first time, saw the huge sequoias!

  • got to teach at my beloved alma mater as a university professor

  • completed an epic road trip to Calgary

  • left my job as a college professor

  • landed a dream job as a health coach


  • wrist injury

  • hamstring injury [Solo, listen to your body!]

  • mom got sick [all good now]

  • lost a friendship

  • my other best friend moved across the country

  • my little brother moved across the country [… people! stop moving across the country! is it something I said?]

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Ah, who am I kidding? It’s freaking fantastic.

Here’s to an even better 2014.

YOUR TURN: What was your 2013 like?

Hugs, SOLO


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