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Humaning Is Hard

Hey, Friend!

Last time I'll mention my book (probably until next December, when it will be on my mind again, because… would-be-due-date). 


How long until December comes and goes, and I do not think about that pregnancy? 

Five. Ten. Fifty five. 


Someone I care about lost their parent in December. How many Decembers before December becomes just another month? 


Thank you so much to those who bought the book and those who send $5 to cover shipping for someone else. We are doing something awesome together.


Today's story is from that one time I got on stage and shared my experience with a room full of people. I don't remember actually delivering this talk, but I remember saying the last word, and the room erupting in applause, and laughter, and it was truly one of my favorite moments. 


 I'd give you a trigger warning, but then you are subscribing to this newsletter. 


Humaning is hard.

You've been warned.

And I don't care, because look:

if you want to buy a book for yourself or a friend, here's the link.

If you don't want to buy a book, but want to cover shipping costs for someone like this:

Or like this: 

… you can send me $5 below - thank you!

I hope your December is amazing so far. 

Catch you next week.


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