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All I Want For My Birthday (Is More Of The Same)

*This post was written on August 25, 2014.

Right. It's my birthday today. To be completely honest, between running Tough Mudder blindfolded, guiding Rhonda on two our of her 20-day epic adventure, training, drinking coffee and simply enjoying summer, I kind of forgot about my own damn birthday.


Which is a pity, because yours truly, coming into this world is a pretty awesome occasion, worth celebrating. I am, of course, biased.

This extra fast passage of time must be the artifact of getting older. Hell, in few years, I’ll scratch my back in February, blink in April, and it will be August again. END of August.

We often wish others to have an amazing day on their birthday. I am happy to report that my birthday was both amazing and perfectly ordinary. I got my coffee in bed, I got to have healthy breakfast, I got to do the work that I love. Just like any other day.

But if there is a day in a year to be selfish, this is it. People ask you what YOU want.

And what I want is… more of the same.

I want coffee in bed, awesome food, and work that I love. Cool friends, and unbelievable adventures.

Yet, if you were to give me something for my birthday now or at any point in the future, listen up.

  • I'll always prefer bacon to flowers, and travel to diamonds (yes, really).

  • Make-up - meh. Books - yes, please.

  • I'm a bigger fan of experiences, than I am of things. Except for things that help me have awesome experiences (insert books and gear here).

  • I'll also always take a hug. Like... always.

Want to give me a birthday gift? Help me with one of my bucket list items. Take me to a krav maga class (hi, Aliza!), help me train for half Iron Man (hi, Mike!), teach me to ride a horse fast (hi, Shayne!), introduce me to a dairy farmer, so I can finally milk a cow (anyone?). Italian took me to a drive-in movie theatre at my request. We watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it was awful. Just as any drive-in movie must be. Did you know that you get the sound on a radio frequency? How freaking awesome is that??? I am excited. I am excited about the things I have done, the things I am doing, and the things I am yet to do.


Your birthday girl,



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