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Best Of SOLO - Top 10 Blog Posts From 2014

If you discovered my blog recently, you may not have seen some of these gems. And if you have been reading all along (thank you!), here’s a refresher. My top 10 blog posts from 2014 – everything from slimmer thighs to the Spartan Death Race to best shoes for obstacle racing.

Grab a coffee!


1. spinning my wheels (and how you can get slimmer thighs instantly) My candid account of taking a spinning class, and the horror that is biking shorts.

2. why I can do double-unders and you can’t The ultimate secret to conquering double-unders.

3. fat days, or what to do when you feel like a pregnant whale We all have those. Even the boys, I think? Here’s what to do, when you wake up feeling like Jabba the Hutt.

4. how to become more awesome The story behind my short shorts, and the difference between difficult-easy and difficult-difficult.

5. run your own damn race A rare poem, reminding you to compete with yourself, not others.

6. obstacle racer’s dream shoe – Salomon S-LAB Sense 3 Ultra SG (Soft Ground) This shoe blew me away this year – light like a feather with shark teeth of a tread. Amazing.

7. the drop: now that the race is over, why do I feel so sad? I know you know that feeling. The event ends, and you find yourself moping around and munching on cookies. Here’s why.

8. 2014 Spartan Race World Championship (Vermont Spartan Beast) – analysis of distance, elevation and difficulty This post was (arguably) the most popular Vermont Beast recap this year. Thank you for all the love!

9. the Death Race Chronicles – how it ends I finally did it this year. I finished the story of my Spartan Death Race experience.

10. #myperfectDNF I share the criteria for my perfect DNF, and announce the plan to go to Fuego y Agua Survival Run in Nicaragua.

Happy reading!

Hugs, SOLO


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