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Check Up On Your People – Operation Lockdown

Check up on the massage therapist who makes a living by touching people.

Check up on the nail tech who usually spends their entire day “holding hands” with people.

Check up on the hairstylist. They cannot cut hair over Zoom.

Check up on the stay at home parent, whose only refuge was a yoga class on Monday mornings, and three hours of babysitting on Thursday night.

Check up on the working parent, who is currently entertaining a toddler, AND is “working” from home.

Check up on your elderly neighbour. They might be afraid to go outside.

Check up on the school teacher. They are at home, overwhelmed with needing to move their entire job online overnight.

Check up on the nurse, who won’t be able to hug her children until the end of the quarantine once she leaves for her shift tonight.

Check up on the gym owner who spent years building up a place where their community gathers to sweat and laugh together.

Check up on the extrovert. They miss noise and crowds.

Check up on the introvert. They have been stuck at home for the last week with three extroverts, and are starting to feel like they are about to kill someone.

Check up on anyone who makes and sells beautiful things. When people are worried about food, they don’t want to pay for beauty.

Check up on your people.

Check up on not-your people, who might not have their own people to check up on them.

Add everyone I missed below… I missed many.

And share as a reminder.

Hugs, SOLO


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