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#CoffeeFetish Willow Cakes And Pastries @ Niagara-On-The-Lake

Willow Cakes has a very distinctive atmosphere – especially so, on a Saturday morning. Locals acknowledge each other by name, as they settle down for their cup of joe.

It’s all baked goods. Warm and fresh. There is a constant stream of customers, starting at 8am, when the bakery opens. Bread, croissants, muffins, tea biscuits – all made here. You can glance into the back through the decorated window.

There are no vegan brownies in sight. In fact, the bakery refuses to even label any of their product as nut free. Instead, staff encourages customers to directly ask questions about each of the products in order to avoid confusion. Simple and honest.

Woman purchases a loaf of gluten-free bread, and a cinnamon bun. I can only assume those two are for two different people.

Gluten-free bread is, of course, bread in name only. Like fake soy meat, it attempts to mimic something else, while missing the core essence of that something else. The result usually is not only disappointing, but also barely resembles the original. It’s simply a… somewhat edible substance. My mind goes on an unrelated rant, as I wonder how many instances of this newly popular gluten intolerance is psychosomatic.

By 10, there is a line-up.

If you want a bit of a quieter time, I suggest you show up at 8, as by 9.30, most of the town will be there for their morning fix, along with a handful of tourists, looking for their caffeine fix, and pointing fingers at various combinations of sugar and sugar. If you are one of above mentioned tourists, you’d do well to drop by before heading out to taste wines, snap selfies at Niagara Falls.

The best awesomest things do sell out within couple of hours. Want to know what’s best? Show up at the opening, grab a seat with plain view of all the goods, and watch what flies off the shelf.

This strategy never fails. Name: Willow Cakes and Pastries

Address: 242 Mary St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

YOUR TURN: Is there a special bakery with character in your heart? Where is it located? Should I check it out?

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