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Conquer The Deadlift

I woke up with a strange feeling today… Nothing hurts! It’s been over a week since the racing weekend, and despite the brick workout yesterday, I am not sore. Bruises are almost gone.

Time to hit the gym!!!

I was avoiding the second weights workout from Lean Eating, because it involves deadlifts. Back in Soldiers of Fitness days, we did a one-week stint at CrossFit, and I pulled my lower back quite severely doing deadlifts, and avoided them ever since. Today I armed myself with the knowledge and expertise – not my own, but those of Alex, the director of functional training of my gym.

He is a power lifter, so if there is a person to demonstrate form for deadlifts, it’s definitely him. Holy moly, deadlifts are hard! But apparently my form was wrong all along. My yoga habit of keeping my lower back flat, rather than curving it, did not help.

Alex was also really helpful with determining the weight. We are supposed to use a weight that we can only deadlift 6 times, and then do it for 4 reps – leaving plenty of gas in the tank, so to speak. He had me settle at 135lb! I felt like I was playing with the big boys, putting those 45 pounders on the barbell.


PN weight workout #2

  • 3 x 4 (135lb) modified deadlift

  • 3 x 8 (15lb / 17.5lb / 20lb) tall kneeling overhead dumbbell press

  • 3 x 10 fast knees to stability ball

  • AMRAP in 60sec = 37/30, modified push-ups

  • 2 x 15 (12kg = 26.5lb kettlebell) lateral squat

  • AMRAP in 60sec = 15/17, inverted row

  • AMRAP in 60sec = 14/12, 1/2 kneeling dumbbell curl

150min, teaching hot yoga

Hugs, SOLO


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