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#DearSolo, How Do I Prevent Weight Gain Over The Holidays?

This week, Chicked Nation asks: #DearSolo, with countless family dinners and work parties coming up, how do I prevent the holiday weight creep?

While the most obvious answer may be – keep doing what you are doing! Doing nothing differently may not be enough. After all, if you continue to train as per usual, and eat most meals as per usual, yet indulge a bit at holiday parties, and family get togethers, as most of us would, the weight may still creep up.

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I threw this question out back to you, and you did not disappoint! Here are some strategies:

1. Focus on getting on solid meal every day. I find breakfast to be the easiest as we rarely “go out for breakfast”. Think protein and veggies. My favourite breakfast lately? Scrambled eggs with refried beans and spinach.

2. Sneak more activity into your days – park as far as possible, take stairs everywhere, and carry groceries from your car to your house one bag at a time.

3. Try alternative recipes – Paleo main dishes and desserts can still taste amazing, but with less sugar and refined flour. Have you tried bacon chocolate chip cookies yet?

4. Eat a healthy snack before the big dinner, so you aren’t starving.

5. Drink lots of water before and during a meal. Taking a sip after every bite can work well.

6. Sign up for one of the holiday races. Most towns have a version of Santa 5k (see race recap) or New Year’s Resolution run.

7. Get your protein in. Muscle chili works especially well in the winter months.

8. Pick one day or meal to indulge, and do not bring home leftovers.

9. Become the queen of small portions – you can sample many dishes and treats at any outing. Become a quitter – if something does not taste amazing – quit it! No one said you have to finish every cookie you start.

10. Pick and choose your social engagements that revolve around food – no, you do not necessarily need to go to ALL of them. Focus on the ones that are most meaningful to you. As for that Costco lasagna extravaganza that your auntie puts on every year – you can swing by at the end for a drink.

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Thanks y’all!

Hugs, #DearSolo


#DearSolo is a weekly advice column I launched after becoming of the admins for Chicked Nation, one of the largest online obstacle racing communities with over 15,000 members.

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