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#DearSolo, Is OCR A Good Place To Meet Women?

Few weeks ago, I became one of the admins for one of the largest online obstacle racing communities, Chicked Nation.

As part of that role, I will be launching a weekly advice column #DearSolo. Think Dear Abby, but SO MUCH COOLER. So, if you have a question about obstacle racing – hit me up. Send me an email, use Contact Me form on this website, tag me on Facebook or Twitter, just remember to use hashtag #DearSolo.

This week, Anonymous asks:

#DearSolo, Is OCR a good place to meet women?

Yes. And no.

I will elaborate.


Well, if the plethora of Facebook pages dedicated to dating and OCR is any indication, then yes. Spartan Singles, Spartan Singles 40+, Spartan Singles Australia, OCR Singles – and that’s just a taste.

Yes, OCR is a good place to meet women – just like any other activity or pursuit you may be passionate about is a good way to meet women. Or men. You know… people, in general.

I can vouch for the fact that it’s an amazing way to meet other obstacle racers.

If you going to do OCRs as your primary dating strategy, from purely statistical standpoint, you are better off heading to short to mid-distance obstacle races, such as Spartan Sprint and/or Warrior Dash, as they would have the highest proportion of female participants. Tough Mudder would not work as well, since your potential date is likely to be running with other people, and is less likely to require your chivalrous assistance.

If you are into women who are especially stubborn, and like to suffer, then Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast or a Death Race may be the type of events for you to check out instead. If you decide to go that route, you better be able to keep up. And know how to swing an axe. And know what the hell you are getting yourself into.


Is meeting women the only reason you are considering OCR?

There are plenty of guys that end up at a yoga studio (or a Zumba class) for the same reason. The approach is to lay out a mat in the back of the room to enjoy the view of all the ladies in downward dog.


And how the hell do you approach a woman in that setting any way?

Excuse me, I was just checking out your rear end in downward dog. What an admirable… umm… practice you have. Can I buy you a green smoothie (vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, with locally grown blend of kale, spinach and hemp – the usual)?

Many female racers meet their partners through racing. Many female racers also meet their partners through their soccer club, online dating, church.

The “fishing” guideline is pretty much the same across contexts. Find what YOU enjoy, then go do it.

Chances are, there will be plenty of women there, and if you do not end up meeting a woman, then you are still – covered in mud, scratched up from the barbed wire, destroyed by the hills – doing what you love.

Providing reality checks since… well, for a while, Solo


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