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Epic Racing Arena Application, And A Belated Thank You

Back in October, I have asked many of you to vote to send me to the Epic Racing Arena in Las Vegas in December 2013.

I was 2nd for a bit, and by the end of the voting period, I was the 4th athlete overall. Julie Johnston from Las Vegas took the first place with over 1,000 votes, and will be the first athlete to compete in the Elite Race as the Citizens’ Elect. Well deserved, Julie!

Meanwhile, I wanted to say thank you. A whopping 437 distinct individuals (friends!) cared enough to click on the link and vote for my video. Many friends passed on the link to their friends, asking them to vote as well. To those of you I know personally, and those of you I don’t know (yet?)… Thank you.

You can still see my application video here.

The remaining 127 athletes will be selected through a combination of physical challenges and voting.

The next challenge has been posted, and the video must be submitted by December 28th, 2012.

The challenge includes a football field goal posts yet again. It includes a shuttle run, a rope climb (hands only!), a muscle up, and traversing underneath the goal post, as well as on top of the crossbar.

I have not attempted this challenge yet. I found a football field with goal posts (and in Toronto, that alone is quite an accomplishment!). I have a 3/4 inch rope. However, I still do not know if I will attempt this.

Here’s the thing. Traversing across goal post on TOP of the crossbar terrifies me. No, I’m not afraid of the heights. I’m plenty strong. Rope climb, push-ups, pull-ups. Bring them on.

Agility and grace? Not so much. I can sometimes fake it, if I stand in one place long enough. Like this photo… I think it looks pretty damn graceful, if I say so myself… (Thanks, Tim!)

Anything that involves manipulating my own body weight with any kind of poise? If I get from one side of the room to the other without bumping into a wall, I consider that to be a success. So, trying to drag my carcass across a bar suspended 10 feet above the ground…? Ummm… yeah. I’m rather break my neck bungee jumping.

Very ambivalent about attempting this. I’ll keep you posted.


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