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Feeling #Blessed, Crying In The Dean's Office, And A FREE Webinar

Hi, Friend, hi!

I was supposed to be a computer scientist.

Did you know that?

Many (omg so many) years ago I was accepted to the BEST computer science / math university program IN THE COUNTRY. It was close to impossible to get into, and you needed some stupid A+++++ average to get in. Which I had. Because perfectionism. And immigrant parents.

I spent a whopping FOUR months in that program.


You read that correctly.

Four. Months.

Then I spent an hour crying at the dean’s office, who kindly closed her door AND did not respond to the ringing phone for that entire hour. At the very end of my sobby soliloquy she looked at me and said: “Do you know how lucky you are?”.

“What?”, I sniffled, looking up.

“Do you know how many students I get in this office, feeling exactly the same way you do? Except they have no idea what it is they want to do instead of their current program? And you have the EXACT idea?”


It was psychology.

I just spent an hour telling her how I really didn’t want to do computer science, and how I wanted to do psychology.

I switched my major that day.

[Every immigrant and child of immigrants reading this is wondering how well that went over with my parents. Not well at all. But we all lived.]

Next semester I learned all the things I wanted. My classmates were complaining about the workload, as I sucked the textbooks down like they were beach novels. It felt intoxicating and illicit.

I went on to get a graduate degree, and multiple post-graduate certificates.

And now I help people untangle their minds for a living.

So, what did four months in computer science teach me about computer science, and computers, and tech in general?

Honestly, very little.

However, I have forever remained an advanced tech USER, and user only - who has zero desire to do anything complicated with computers, and who wants to work with people and be as lazy as possible when it comes to anything and everything technology.

As an advanced and very lazy user, I’ve been in the deep AI rabbit hole for a few months now, and my mind is getting tired from being blown so often.

My four year old recently demanded her own car. What kind of car? A unicorn car. Obviously.

I asked what colour.

Pink and purple.

Then I got MidJourney to generate this ^^^ image, and now I really really want this car.

How long before I can simply upload this image to a car manufacturer and get it 3D printed?

Come on, Subaru.

IG mommy mob insists that I should feel #blessed for my two perfect-healthy-love-them-so-much children. Instead, I feel #blessed to have grown up without the internet AND now be able to have an AI assistant attend a meeting for me and take notes. WHAT?

I feel like randomly screaming “What a time to be alive!” as I continue discovering new ways AI tools can fold into my life and, especially, into my business.

Since I have zero capacity to keep cool things to myself, I'll be offering 1:1 coaching consults to those of you interested in integrating generative AI into your business.

They will be 90 minutes long one-off coaching sessions - starting with a deep dive into the details of your business, figuring out where you can benefit from some AI magic, and then identifying the best tools (and prompts) for the job.

I gotta figure out what to call'em.

"Turbo Sesh"?

"AI Vroom Vroom"?

"AI 101"?

Not sure if I need more coffee right now, or less.

If you are interested in learning more about these, hit Reply and let me know.

Meanwhile, here's what I'll have on deck for ya in the next few weeks:

--> some cool story as always, and then I'll tie in text-to-text AI tools into it somehow

--> another cool story, and then text-to-image AI tools, so you can learn how to make your own unicorn cars!

--> back to non-AI stories at some point I swear!

I am going to jump up and down and squeal now, just to get the energy out.



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