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Four Things I Give Up When It Gets Super Busy (And Six Things I Don't)

It’s October. At least, I think it’s October. [Insert doubt here. It’s October, right?]

The fall semester is in the full swing – my craziest, busiest semester every year. And I’m feeling it.

Driving from work at 10pm, I finally pull into my parking spot. I’ve been up since six. Today I wrote, I taught yoga, I had a coaching appointment, I ran, I drove to another city to teach psychology, I did grocery shopping, and a dozen of other things that I already forgot doing.

My feet hurt so bad that I actually seriously consider taking off my shoes, and walking to the elevator barefoot.

As I open the door, and drop my bag on the floor. I warm up late dinner, opening the microwave before the timer is up – the food is luke warm. I shrug and dig in. Then I drop on the bed face first.

I know you have those times too. For parents and teachers, it’s the fall. For accountants, it’s tax season. Crunch time.

I have a million projects on the go. Honestly? I love it. I love all the things that I am currently doing. Give me this over a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 any day. But, something’s gotta go.

When the crunch time hits… WHAT WILL YOU GIVE UP?

Here’s what I gave up recently…

1. Weight training

My weight training sessions have been sporadic at best. I sneak in thirty minutes into my week here and there – guiltily, looking at my watch the whole time. I miss it terribly, and can’t wait to go back.

Why weight training? Because I have my first full road marathon coming up in a few weeks, and I can’t give up my running. Keep your eyes on the ball.

2. Hill training and interval training

Why? See above.

Focus. Keep. Your. Eyes. On. The.Ball.

There is a price. Let’s see… Few weeks ago I showed up to the Vermont Beast with three months of nothing, but flat pavement running. Hilarious. It took me three days to finish that course. Or something like that.

But hell, it was worth it.

2. Make-up

Maybe in ten years, this will be an absolute no-no, lest I scare little children and innocent bystanders, but as long as I can pull it off, this one goes. My face has not seen a lick of color in weeks. Au natural, baby.

I look pale, you say? Nope. Just missing my blush. The eyelashes? Those are real. Yesterday, I discovered an old lip gloss in a glovebox of my car. Success!

3. Elaborate meals (unless someone cooks them for me. Hi, Italian!)

As a foodie, I can appreciate the amazing combination of flavours masterfully arranged on the plate. Oh, yes I can. Sometimes, I am even the one doing the arranging. Just not in the last few weeks.

My standards for foodstuffs have been lowered significantly.

Freshly toasted walnuts? Yeah, right. Apple cinnamon ricotta omelette (OMG, you should really try it) – it’s been a while. I don’t have time to make zucchini pancakes for God’s sake.

In the morning, breakfast includes myself throwing random things on top of Greek yogurt. Keurig replaced an espresso, which takes longer to make.

Some of my current meals are downright… questionable. The time when for lunch I had half a cucumber (eaten whole), a handful of almonds, and a scoop of protein powder mixed with water comes to mind. Gourmet meal, it was not.

I have also eaten in my car a couple of times. I hate eating in my car. But it was either that or low blood sugar, and the latter is simply dangerous to those around me. So…

4. Doing less of the things I love

This is the part that I hate the most. And this is probably why I started writing this post in the first place. I gave up a couple of my yoga classes this week, and it was difficult. It was difficult, because I love teaching yoga, and because my default setting is simply to keep saying yes, as things keep piling up. And two years ago, I would have kept teaching. Thank heavens (ha!) for the wisdom that comes with age (ha!) .

However, I am incredibly lucky to be able to choose between the things I love and other things I love. After all, I am still teaching yoga. Just not as much.


1. Sleep

Seven to eight hours – rain or shine, or disaster.

I went to bed before eight o’clock on a Sunday night. Being the party animal that I am. No, I wasn’t sick, but I felt like I needed it. Come Monday, I was thankful that I did.

I am, mind you, one of those lucky people who given the opportunity WILL sleep no matter what. The anxieties, stresses and worries of the day do not interfere with my ability to actually fall asleep. Sweet!

2. Showers

I know, right? This is especially awesome for people I work with – my students and my clients. Next time I am lying on top of you in an especially deep yoga adjustment, you can relax, knowing that, yes, I am still friends with soap.

3. Healthy food

“I’ve been so busy, that I don’t have time to eat healthy.” Bullshit.

Eating crap is simply not worth it. May I point out that the questionable meal I described earlier still had a full serving of protein, some healthy fat and a vegetable?

My fridge looks like a space station sometimes, with all the containers perfectly stacked. I never just cook one meal any more – eggs are boiled by the dozen, salads are made by the bucket.

4. Writing

I may be writing less, but I will write. Writing makes me happy. It makes me sane. It also keeps you (the readers) around. I like you!

5. Training for my next goal

As far as training goes, my running comes first. Even if that means changing into my running gear right after lecture in the bathroom, throwing my bag in the car, running around the neighborhood, then getting into the car, and driving straight to the next scheduled thing.

I got really good at planning shit. I pretty much memorized the location of GoodLife gyms in the whole freaking province. Coz they have showers, you see.

From a recent long run in Stockbridge, MA.

6. Perfection

Actually, perfection is good one to give up, period. Most days I have to settle for greatness. And on some days, plain old enoughness.


You can do everything. EVERYTHING.

Just not at the same time.


Let me know in the comments.

I just typed in “Signing up, Solo”… Great. Just great.

Signing off, Solo


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