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I Had One Job

Hi, Friend.

I was 21 years old, and I literally had ONE job to do, as a teaching assistant to an undergraduate psychology course at my own university - make 200 copies of the multiple choice test and hand it out to students.

I have photocopied thousands of pages as a TA - handouts, questionnaires, and tests - so many tests. Remember those tests? 

Ubiquitous in first and second year social sciences courses - 50-80 items, all multiple choice. You’d be able to knock out two options pretty easily, and then you’d be obsessing between B and D, because they both seemed right, but one was SUPPOSED to be more right than the other. But which one? 

We kept the doors to the classroom closed as usual, as I made my way row by row, depositing scantron forms and tests - text down - on desks, making sure that no two desks were placed too close to each other.

Finally, at 10.02am, the professor stayed at the front, as I opened the doors. The students noisily made their way through, dropping their bags, removing their winter jackets and settling in. 

10.07am - most students were in their seats.

10.09am - the professor gave reminders of the test’s duration and format. 

10.10am - “You may begin!”, the professor announced. 

There was a collective rustle, as 200 tests were turned over

I would be spending the next 90 minutes, walking up and down the isles, making sure no one was getting too friendly with their eyes on their neighbour's paper. 

Or so I thought. Except something is off that morning. Too many hushed whispers. Too many confused looks. Instead of burying themselves in test papers, students were looking around.

What was happening?

I was still clutching the extra test copies. As I looked down on the title page, my blood froze.

It couldn't be.

I flipped to the next test. And the next. And the next. I was looking at the test key. 

The master key - a copy of a test that the professor gives to the teaching assistant ahead of the exam - with all the exam questions, AND exam answers conveniently BOLDED.

I had just given out 200 copies of THE EXAM FREAKING KEY.


That was a short test, let me tell you.

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