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If Only I Had Less Structure, And Grass Is Always Greener

A client told me once: “If only I had less structure in my day, I’d be able to accomplish so much more. It feels like every single minute I have is already scheduled, and my time is not my own.”

Over the years I have heard many versions of this from so many clients. If only they had LESS constraints – on their time, money, resources, cognitive energy – they’d be able to find the time to eat well, to exercise, to write the book, to find the cure for cancer.

Except… I have also worked with clients who have more time that they know what to do with. For various reasons, they do not have to work, they are often not married or in a relationship, they do not have children, or pets, or plants. You know what they say?

“If only I had more structure in my day, I’d be able to accomplish so much more. I have so much time, that it just runs through my fingers – these large chunks of unstructured time. If my day was scheduled, then I’d be motivated to eat well, work out and find the cure for cancer, because I’d know that I only have an hour or two, and if it doesn’t happen then, it doesn’t happen”.

In other words…. it doesn’t matter. The grass always SEEMS greener. Except it’s just as freaking green everywhere.

Hugs, SOLO


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