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Laughing Over Salad, And AI-Generated Images

Hey, Friend.

I hope you’ve had a chance to play around with some text-to-image tools that are out there - whether it’s the app that takes your photo and creates an AI avatar based on that image, or whether you are loving the generative fill feature in Photoshop. Btw, I have taken playing around to the next level, as my AI MAGIC DUST sessions kicked off couple of weeks ago. These are 1:1 90min deep dive coaching calls, where I help coaches integrate AI tools into their coaching practice. Of course, in discussing text-to-image AI, I had to start with the quintessential fitness woman laughing over salad. Here you go.

Let’s all agree that if AI’s only contribution to the health and wellness industry is going to be that no woman ever has to laugh over a salad again, that would be sufficient and worthwhile.Thank you for your service, AI.

Only in the last few weeks, I’ve created kid bedroom decor, futuristic cars, mock-up logos for a nutrition business, and stock images for an upcoming event - all in MidJourney (a text-to-image AI tool).

*Pro tip for parents of young children: you can prompt any image as a “black and white colouring page”, which then allows you to print it out, and voila - a custom colouring book!

Like this:

If you are up for some hysterical laughter, play with prompts around golf swings, athletic movements, and people eating spaghetti. Those specific scenarios still produce hilarious results, as they rub against AI’s current limitations.

But… no one is really laughing at AI-generated hands any more. And we did only a few months ago, because the results looked like this...

Now here’s what I am getting:


The photo below is NOT AI-generated.

It was taken with a cell phone on my recent trip to Alberta to participate in the team relay for the Canadian Death Race.

The photo does not do the view justice, of course. And while I could produce multiple stunning landscapes in MidJourney - those landscapes would not do the real thing justice either.

AI-generated images and art might take a bit bite out of the stock image business, and commercial photography, but… it won’t take the place of us taking selfies, us trying to capture what we see on our iPhones (however measly the result), and us creating art for the sake of creating art.

For someone who has never been creative with images, but have always been creative with words, text-to-image AI is opening up an entire new world of creativity.

The same might be true for you too. Hugs,


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