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Let's Go To Nicaragua! T Minus 7 Days

Working remotely is awesome. So awesome that I am saying “screw you” to the bitter winter cold and heading out to Nica early. I love my work, and I love it even more when I can pair it up with sunshine and volcanoes.

Train like a local. #amirite

Although I will admit that packing for this trip has me a wee bit more stressed than usual. What do you mean I have to decide on my racing shoes now? How warm is it there really? Like capris-warm? Or full length racing tights warm?

Required Gear List:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.38.16 AM

Thank goodness for triathlete friends – bicycle inner tubes will not be a problem. And Italian can hook me up with some hacksaw blades (what the heck are those anyway?). This is all starting to sound like a bad horror movie. At least I am not carrying rope and duct tape. Ok, maybe a little bit of duct tape.

TEAM OPTION, y'all! Oh, and!!! Josue Stephens, the race director for Fuego y Agua Nicaragua has recently announced that for the first time ever the event will offer a 2-person team option.

So, if you have been considering hopping on a plane and joining the fun, you can now bring a buddy and race together.


Use the code SOLOSURVIVAL20151428626 and get 20% off of any distance at Fuego y Agua 25k, 50k, 100k or Survival Run.

I am so freaking excited to leave my winter jacket behind for a bit.

Hugs, SOLO

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