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Love Letters, And All The Things Our Bodies Do

Hey, Friend.

I am practically mandated by law to be cheesy and weepy today, aren’t I? YOU GOT IT. Coming right up!!! So, I asked some clients to do this exercise in the past, and here’s what they said: “This was SO powerful!” “I was having a hard day, and this made me tear up, AND really perked up my day afterwards.” “This made me nauseous! Is that normal?” “HOLY SHIT, this was deep, and I loved every second of it!”. The exercise? I asked them to write a love letter to their bodies. Cheesy or not, this is NOT an easy thing to do for most people. Yet… if you (yes, you, dear reader!) choose to try it, it might indeed be the most worthwhile thing you do for yourself today. I mean… it’s gotta be better than cheap heart-shaped chocolate, you know what I mean? Below is a love letter I wrote to my body a few years ago after a gruelling endurance race, and right around Valentine's. It was long overdue.

This body has done some more amazing things ^^^ since that race, so… I’ll be writing a new one this year. Oh, and here’s a reframe for all you fellow super cerebral super thinkers out there that are cringing at this. → Write a list of all the things that your body does for you on a daily basis. → Write a list of all the impressive out of the ordinary things that your body has done for you in the last few years (healed a broken bone, made a baby?!).

Love you (obvs.),


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