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Mind Blowing Realizations About Tiny Details – I Still Have Those

In a conversation with a client last week, I mentioned that I made a mind-blowing realization about some tiny detail of my day, and the impact it had on my health habits.

“You still have those?”, asked the client incredulously.

“I still have those… what?”. I was not sure I understood.

“You still have mind-blowing realizations about your health habits?”, the client clarified, with her eyes wide.

Right. I am a health coach. I have all the answers, remember? I have it all figured out. I know all there is to know.

I wake up without an alarm, meditate, journal, eat healthy breakfast and get a great workout before helping others live their lives better. [Sometimes, that last sentence is even true!].


More realistically, I get most pieces in most days. And other days, I break my meditation streak, and eat nacho chips for dinner.

To answer the question my client asked… Yes. Yes, I do.

You know, I keep waiting for a day when I finally figure out who I am, and what I am doing here. That day seems less and less likely. I think I’ll die first.

Instead, I continue learning. Some days more than others. Tiny insights, little lessons. And sometimes, huge mind-blowing lightbulb moments, light at the end of the tunnel kind of lessons, and truths about myself that hits me in the face so hard that my teeth hurt.


I still have those.

Do you?

Hugs, SOLO


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