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My Interview On The Obstacle Order Podcast – And The Story Of My First DNF

After talking about #myperfectDNF for few years, I finally DNFd my first race in Nicaragua in 2015, and kind of… went dark:

[quote]I left the island one day early, so I could spend an entire day not talking to people. Instead, I spent a day in the hotel, lying on my bed, staring into space, and writing. Getting up to take a walk. Writing some more. Then staring off into space again. Punctuated by an occasional tear jerking song. All the classic symptoms.[/quote]

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?”, many wondered.

Today, I am sharing my recent interview on the Obstacle Order podcast, where I finally answer that question.

You can also listen to the interview here, and see the show notes here.

I also answer many other questions, as we discuss why people do obstacle races, the generalist vs. specialist approach to racing, different characteristics of folks in competitive vs. open waves, and whether obstacle racing is especially important in today’s society. And, Fight Club. Obviously.

We go deep, y’all.

The Obstacle Order podcast is hosted by Elijah Markstrom and Philip Levi – obstacle racers, personal trainers and friends, who “aim to help others to get better in life and on the obstacle course”.

Liked this interview? Check out my interview on the Obstacle Dominator with Ben Greenfield, where we further discuss “going dark”, and also how Spartan Race is like UFC.

Hugs, SOLO


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