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Operation Free Hugs For My Birthday

Fact #1: First time I watched the original Free Hugs Campaign, I cried. Not that it takes much. If you have never seen it, you should watch it now. I’ll wait.

Fact #2: I could never understand why adults stop celebrating or making a big deal out of their birthdays as they get older. Hell, now that you are all grown up and can do whatever you want, why not go all out, and celebrate the fact that you are here on this planet? And you made it another year without kicking the bucket?

Fact #3: I give awesome hugs. If you have ever been on the receiving end, you know it’s true. You also need to know that you need to engage your core right before the hug takes place.

Fact #4: I will kick off my birthday week this Saturday, August 22nd, at 12pm downtown Toronto with a Free Hugs Campaign. That means, I am showing up to Dundas Square with signs that say FREE HUGS and t-shirts, and will spend two hours (or less, we’ll see how it goes) hugging strangers.

Are YOU in?

If you are in GTA, drop by for a personal hug from me, or join in! For non-touchy-feely types, you are welcome to shake my hand or say hello.

If you are not in GTA, why not pick a crowded place on a weekend, make up some signs and hug a bunch of random people also? What an amazing birthday present that would be. [Please use your judgement, and be safe. Not all countries are open to physical affection in public. I am lucky to live in a country that is.] Or give some extra hugs to the people you love.

P.S. One of my favorite shots – after our team came first at an endurance event. Don’t mind the face paint.

Hugs (see how that works?), SOLO


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